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Arian , Olivia Sin - Perfect Sense (2019)

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Arian , Olivia Sin - Perfect Sense (2019)
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    Arian, Olivia Sin

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Busty blonde Olivia Sin takes a shower, then joins Arian in the kitchen, as Andrej Lupin’s hot movie “Perfect Sense” begins. She distracts the cute brunette from her cooking by kissing her and dropping her towel to reveal her sexy naked body. Arian chases Olivia to the bedroom, taking off her top to let her sweetheart suck her perky breasts. Soon she’s naked too, kissing Olivia ardently, then moving down between her spread thighs to eat her smooth shaved pussy. She licks and rubs until Olivia is moaning her way through an intense orgasm, then turns her onto her tummy to finger-bang her from behind. Olivia rocks back to meet her thrusting fingers, cumming again with a smile of pure delight. The perky blonde nuzzles Arian’s diamond-hard nipples, then spreads her shaved pussy open and licks her skilfully, stroking her clit and looking up at her with the most adorable smile as she drives her to a powerful, noisy climax. Kissing and giggling and groping, they roll around on the bed, moving into spoons with Olivia frigging her girlfriend’s soaked pussy, making her go wild. Playful and tender, it’s lesbian erotica at its most authentic.
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