Intrompable / The Uncheatable (2019)

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Intrompable / The Uncheatable (2019)
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Last summer, Youtubeur Babor Lelefan contacted MARC DORCEL on Twitter : "for how many retweets can I write the script and dialogues for your next film ?"
4 hours and 20,000 retweets later, Babor realizes his dream: write his very first porn scene !
The influencer is surrounded by the famous Mr Poulpe, in the role of a "mayor", and actors X Rico Simmons and Luna Rival.
Babor's leg and offbeat style are present throughout the scene.
A unique video, funny, non-standard ... A UFO in the world of X, to be seen urgently!

Paris, capital of love.
Babor and Luna are married and love each other madly. Anyone would call their idyll perfect, but the truth is much darker... Luna finds Babor so perfect that she does not dare to make love to him for fear of defiling him. To satisfy her needs, she inevitably has recourse to a lover : The Beautiful Rico.
Will Babor discover Luna's little secret ? And if so, how will he respond ? There
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